Monday, April 23, 2012

Quotation for Today: The Extreme Candidate of the Extreme Party

Across the jump, the quotation for today introduces us to the Republican presidential wannabe, Mitt Romney, whose extreme political stunts insult the intelligence and honesty of the American people.
"Oh, and where have those mass layoffs of schoolteachers been taking place? Largely in states controlled by the G.O.P.: 70 percent of public job losses have been either in Texas or in states where Republicans recently took control.
"Which brings me to another aspect of the amnesia campaign: Mr. Romney wants you to attribute all of the shortfalls in economic policy since 2009 (and some that happened in 2008) to the man in the White House, and forget both the role of Republican-controlled state governments and the fact that Mr. Obama has faced scorched-earth political opposition since his first day in office. Basically, the G.O.P. has blocked the administration’s efforts to the maximum extent possible, then turned around and blamed the administration for not doing enough."
Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman writes about Republican presidential wannabe, MItt Romney, in his New York Times column for today.  Paul Krugman is teacher, author and winner of the Nobel Laureate in economics.

In his column, Professor Krugman highlights the extreme amnesia of the GOP presidential wannabe, Mitt Romney. 

Mr. Romney's extremely, profound amnesia leads him to believe the country would be better off with a return to the government and economic policies of the Bush-Cheney years.  Surely, Americans will never forget the "good ol' days" of Middle East wars about non-existing weapons of mass destruction, John Ashcroft- and Alberto Gonzalez-Departments of Justice, real estate fraud, banks-gone-wild, out-of-control Wall Street and other extreme government and corporate behavior.

You can read Professor Krugman's complete column by following the link in the citation.

Krugman, Paul. "The Amnesia Candidate." The New York Times 22 April, 2012: online edition.   

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