Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quotation for Today: Mitt Romney's New Best Friend Forever (BFF)

The quotation for today shines a bit of light on a dark recess of the 2012 presidential race.
“We’re going to be able to get Hispanic voters.” 
Mitt Romney

According to Lawrence Downes, writing in his New York Times article, Mitt Romney promised his donors he would be able 'to get Hispanic voters.'  Conversely, another comment by Mitt Romney may hold greater sway with Hispanic voters than any promise Romney makes to his donors. 

According to ThinkProgress, Mitt Romney released the following statement just after winning the New Hampshire primary:

“With Kris [Kobach] on the team, I look forward to working with him to take forceful steps to curtail illegal immigration and to support states like South Carolina and Arizona that are stepping forward to address this problem.” 

To win the Hispanic vote, it appears that Mitt Romney plans on employing his new BFF -- Kris Kobach, Romney-acclaimed author of Arizona's immigration law (SB 1070)  -- to develop his policies on immigration. Perhaps Mitt Romney's idea of "getting" Hispanic voters has the same meaning as that of Kris Kobach and his Arizona's SB 1070 law; round up all of the Hispanics and then expel them from the country.

First they came for the Hispanics, then they came for the ....

Downes, Lawrence. "The Loyal Opposition: Kobach and Romney." The New York Times 19 April, 2012: online edition.

Related information:

Beadle, Amanda Peterson, Marie Diamond and Ian MIllhiser. "Kris Kobach, Author Of Anti-Immigrant State Laws, Backs Mitt Romney In GOP Race." ThinkProgress 12 January, 2012: online edition.

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