Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quotation for Today: Republicans Destroying the Dreams of America's Next Generation

As the quotation for today illustrates, the Republicans are willing to do anything to block taxes on the ultra-rich in America and this includes destroying America's college-loan system that helps pay for the tuition of middle- and working-class Americans.
“I know I’m not the only one with dreams. I’m here to ask Congress, ‘Don’t double my rate.’ ”
Clarise McCants

Ms. Clarise McCants, 21, is a junior at Howard University and according to The New York Times, to fund her tuition Ms. McCants depends on Stafford loans to the tune of $13,500.

To read the complete New York Times story about Republicans protecting the ultra-rich at the expense of college students who use Stafford loans to pay for tuition, follow the link enclosed in the citation.

Weisman, Jonathan. "Senate Republicans Block Bill on Student Loan Rates." The New York Times 8 May, 2012: online edition.

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