Saturday, May 12, 2012

Securing a Robust American Middle Class

The fact that Congress is not working to help the Main Street economy recover and to ensure the security of the American middle class should be emphasized vigorously and continuously.  Across the jump, a few actions that Congress can take to help restore a viable and strong middle class are discussed.
President Barack Obama, in his weekly address, provides a "to-do list" for Congress. Enactment of President Obama's "to-do list" would be the beginning of the restoration of economic security on Main Street and for middle- and working-class Americans.

Here are two of the items on President Obama's "to-do list" for Congress:

- Stop giving tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas.

- Assist returning Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans obtain jobs by establish a Veterans Job Corps.

To read about the other items on President Obama's "to-do list" for Congress, follow the link provided below.

Weekly Address: Congress Must Act on “To-Do List” | The White House.

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