Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Quotation for Today: Disparaging Critical and Scientific Thinking

What is GOP presidential wannabe, Rick Santorum, true issue with public education?  The quotation for today gives us a convincing answer to this question.

"[President John F.] Kennedy championed autonomy. Santorum champions adherence — to his way of thinking. And his qualms aren’t just with college today. They’re with the true purpose and importance of education."
Frank Bruni
The New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, in his article cited below, writes about Rick Santorum's rages against college education and public education in general.  During this presidential campaign season, Santorum has boasted about home-schooling his seven children and avoiding the "evils" of public education. 

Bruni, as part of his article, cites a survey of home-schooling parents (survey was conducted by the United States Department of Education) in which the parents 'most commonly cited moral and spiritual reasons' for home-schooling their children.  In an instructive and erudite fashion, Bruni describes the positive and negative effects of "home-schooling."

Bruni, Frank. "It's a College, Not a Cloister." The New York Times 27 February, 2012: online edition.

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