Friday, February 24, 2012

Quotation for Today: Stupid Men Provoke Unnecessary Wars

The quotation for today raises the questions: Who is generating the hype about Iran developing nuclear weapons? What is the motivation of the people and organizations who are generating the Iran nuclear commotion.

"I think they are keeping themselves in a position to make that decision[to build nuclear weapons]. But there are certain things they have not yet done and have not done for some time."
James R. Clapper Jr. 

Mr. Clapper is director of National Intelligence and his comments (according to the Los Angeles Times story) were part of what he told the Senate Armed Services Committee on Feb. 16.

In addition to the questions highlighted in the opening to this post there is another, equally important question: Would a sneak (a la Pearl Harbor) attack on Iran cause them to develop nuclear weapons -- the ultimate weapon a nation has to defend itself against aggressors and that assures mutual destruction? 

Paraphrasing a senior Bush Administration II official, only stupid men, who have never spent a moment on a genuine battlefield, want to provoke an unnecessary war with Iran.

Dilanian, Ken. "U.S. does not believe Iran is trying to build nuclear bomb." Los Angeles Times 23 February, 2012: online edition. 

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Alam, M. Shahid. "Real Men Go to Tehran." Counterpunch 17 January, 2006: online edition.

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