Monday, February 13, 2012

Quotation for Today: Warped Nature

The quotation for today introduces us to a discussion about the warped nature of modern American conservatism and the conservative movement's standard-bearer -- the Republican Party.

"But Mr. Romney is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, and whatever his personal beliefs may really be — if, indeed, he believes anything other than that he should be president — he needs to win over primary voters who really are severely conservative in both his intended and unintended senses."
Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman, in the preceding quotation, is referencing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's description of himself as being a  'severely conservative governor' when he was the governor of Massachusetts.  Professor Krugman's New York Times column focuses on the delusional state of the Republican Party and modern American conservatism. 

The link in the following citation will take you to Paul Krugman's complete New York Times op-ed.

Krugman, Paul. "Severe Conservative Syndrome." The New York Times 12 February, 2012: online edition.  

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