Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Santorum's Coded Speech on Theology

Recently, there has been a great deal of reporting on the criticism of President Barack Obama's faith by Republican presidential wannabe, Rick Santorum.  Follow me across the break to learn about two articles that detail some of Mr. Santorum's criticism and indirectly highlight one of Mr. Santorum's phobias.

A Los Angeles Times editorial discusses Mr. Santorum's efforts to disparage President Obama's faith. The editorial describes Mr. Santorum's use of a not-so-subtle technique of conflating unrelated major ideas to plant underlying themes about a person; in this case the "false theology" of President Obama.

Via The New York Times blog, "The Loyal Opposition," we get another view of Mr. Santorum's fear of women -- gynephobia -- as he criticizes President Obama's efforts to ensure American women can get health care for all the medical issues with which women may have to confront.  Since Mr. Santorum  -- on "religious" grounds -- opposes virtually all reproductive health care programs for women and women rights in general, he criticizes President Obama for not having religious views similar to those of the Roman Catholic bishops and himself.

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