Sunday, December 11, 2011

Can You Feel That?

In Congress, the corporate- and one-percent-controlled Republicans -- who now run the U.S. House of Representatives -- just passed a bill that will give corporations the power to make public your personal television and movie viewing habits.

Can you feel that warm sensation of your privacy slipping away for the benefit of corporations and to be wisely managed by the all-knowing marketplace?

The following article's description of the argument by Netflix captures the quintessential nature of corporations and the Republican congressmen and congresswomen -- the agents of corporations who masquerade in the costumes of United States representatives.
... Netflix argues that the marketplace should dictate consumers’ level of control. 
Yes, the omniscient marketplace should determine the level of control on yours and my privacy. Bull-scat!

More about the Republican's attempts to take away our privacy can be found in The New York Times article, "Put It on My Marquee: I Just Watched 'Creepshow 2.'"

Singer, Natasha. "Put It on My Marquee: I Just Watched 'Creepshow 2.'" The New York Times 10 December, 2011: online edition

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