Monday, December 5, 2011

Who is Ryan Matthews?

If not for a tenacious British lawyer and generous, British financial support -- via the British-based group Reprieve -- Ryan Matthews would be another poster child for the tragic miscarriage of justice that; a common outcome in the American legal system.
Ms. Shauneen Lambe, a British barrister, was Mr. Matthews lawyer who worked doggedly to overturn his wrongful conviction.  The essence of Mr. Matthews' legal difficulties is captured in Ms. Lambe's comments quoted in The Guardian.

"It is abhorrent that this could have ended up with Ryan's death. Had Clive [Stafford Smith, fellow lawyer] not intervened, we could have seriously ended up with Ryan being executed and he was never even near the scene of the crime."

Ms. Shauneen Lambe

More of this story can be read in The Guardian's articles, "Young people on trial need people who care" and "American freed from death row says Britons saved his life."  Also,  you can support the human rights efforts of Reprieve through the operations of Reprieve (US)

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