Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Look at One Aspect of the Republicans' Money Cartel

As the Republicans' money machine shifts into high gear, it is an imperative that the voters understand how the Republican money machine operates.  An article by Andy Kroll provides us with the details of one aspect of the Republicans' money cartel.

Andy Kroll, writing in MotherJones, describes how the Republican Party via the Republican Governors Association shuffles money around the states to skirt campaign finance laws -- scofflaws.  Specifically, Kroll explains how RGA Michigan 2010 "... come out of nowhere to spend nearly $8.4 million—54 percent more than any other PAC had poured into any election in Michigan history."

We can thank the United States Supreme Court for this flood of money that is destroying our democracy. Here you can read how the Citizens United decision is  creating a plutocracy in which the ├╝ber-wealthy elites spend more money than the candidates.

Also, Kroll offers details of Rich Robinson's post-election 2010 findings. Kroll describes Rich Robinson as Michigan's leading campaign finance reform advocate.

Yes, the Republican's money cartel is as bad or worse than the oil cartel.

Kroll, Andy. "The Republicans' Dark-Money-Moving Machine." MotherJones January/February 2012: online edition.

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