Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quotation for Today: A Tax Code for, by, and of the One Percent

The quotation for today addresses the inequity of the United States tax code; a tax code that benefits the One Percent and punishes the 99 Percent.

“I keep reminding myself that paying taxes is a sign I’m doing well and I shouldn’t complain. But the inequity is galling.”
Leonard Burman

Leonard Burman is a tax expert and a professor of public affairs at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.

The quotation is from James B. Stewart column in The New York Times; link to column provided in citation below.

Stewart, James B. "Common Sense: Paying Far More Than 13.9%: A Taxpayer’s Lament." The New York Times 27 January, 2012: online edition. 

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