Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quotation for Today: The Roberts Court: Disreputable and Politicized

“I have complete confidence in the capability of my colleagues to determine when recusal is warranted.” 
John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice, Supreme Court of the United States.

The above comments by Chief Justice Roberts were part of his annual report on the federal judiciary.

The mere fact that Chief Justice Roberts felt the need to comment on the integrity of the Court's associate justices speaks volumes about the nation's perception of the Roberts' court.  Currently, the Supreme Court has an approval rating of 46 percent according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Gallup Polls..  

To be a non-biased effective court,  the Supreme Court's approval rating should be in the high 90-percent range.  The Supreme Court's approval rating has steadily dropped since Chief Justice John G. Roberts was appointed to the court; current approval rating is 46 percent and according to the Brookings Institution the court's approval rating was 51 percent in 2007.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. is a failed leader and for the benefit of the nation, Chief Justice Roberts should resign from the Supreme Court of the United States.

More of Chief Justice Roberts' comments can be found in The New York Times article, "Chief Justice Defends Peers’ Hearing Case on Health Law." 

Liptak, Adam. "Chief Justice Defends Peers’ Hearing Case on Health Law."  The New York Times 31 December, 2011: online edition.

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