Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Quotation for Today: The New Arms Race

“Even at a trillion dollars, this is a shallower build-down than any of the last three we’ve done.  It would still be the world’s most dominant military. We would be in an arms race with ourselves.”
Gordon Adams

Mr. Adams' comments are aimed toward the current discussions on the planned cuts in the United States military budget.

Mr. Adams oversaw military budgets in the Clinton White House and currently he is a fellow at the Stimson Center; a Washington-based, nonprofit research group.

Note:  It is not yet clear if the planned cuts in defense spending will affect only DoD expenditures or if, and how, the other elements of national security will be affected.

Bumiller, Elisabeth and Thom Shanker. "The Next War: Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget." The New York Times 2 January, 2012: online edition.

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